Lemongrass Laksa


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Noodle: Wheat flour, Palm Oil, Salt, Guar Gum, Sodium Polyphosphate, Potassium Carbonate and Sodium Carbonate 

Curry Leaf, Turmeric Leaf, Chili, Lemon Grass & Ginger paste, Soya Light Sauce, Oil, Coconut Powder, Sugar, Salt, MSG, Seasoning, Asafetida powder, Fried Cabbage, Torn Leaf & Sodium Benzoate .



You may have seen or heard of it but this superfood, with its thick stalks and wood like features is more than meets the eye. The lemongrass is commonly used as a core ingredient in most Asian cuisines in countries such as India, Malaysia, and Thailand.  

In its own special way, no ingredient can substitute the lemongrass as it exudes such a distinct lemony flavour and citrusy aroma.

Other than culinary purposes, lemongrass benefits you in ways you can never imagine. Rich in antioxidants, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, the lemongrass is well-known as a natural remedy. Traditional medicine uses lemongrass to help reduce high cholesterol level and boost your immunity.

Spice up your regular Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea by making yourself a cup of lemongrass tea to soothe a bloated tummy or tired muscles.

There is certainly no-question why lemongrass is chosen as part of our meals. Nothing stirs as much joy as this mouthwatering Thai-inspired flavour for that extra kick and fragrant aroma.

It’s also infused with coconut cream to add a thicker consistency when it’s cooked as a noodle soup, or cook it dry and enjoy the aroma as you toss it in the pan.