About Nom²

At Nom2, you can experience effortless healthy eating with our gourmet instant noodles. Titillate your taste buds with wholesome flavours from all natural ingredients. Nom2 noodles are made to suit vegans and vegetarians, and any one who simply wants to savour the pleasure of a quick, hearty and delicious meal. Get started by getting them from our online store now!

Food. Our best days always starts and ends with a good meal because it guarantees to comfort and awaken the spirit. Think you need to cook everything from scratch to eat a balanced and healthy meal?

As young professionals ourselves, we understand the time it takes to prepare home cooked meals especially for those who aren’t exactly MasterChef material – Kudos to those of you who've tried!

The importance of a well-balanced diet shouldn’t be taken lightly and being locals ourselves, we recognise this demand especially in Australia’s melting pot of diverse food cultures – that’s why we started NomNom Instant Noodles right here in Melbourne.

Our noodles offer not only bowls filled with nutrients, but these stringy vessels of beautiful flavours will definitely tickle your taste buds and boost your appetite. We want everyone to enjoy these gourmet delights including vegans and vegetarians – we have something for everyone.

We are passionate about flavours, aromas, and recognise the wonders of superfoods such as lemongrass and black beans and what it can do as flavouring agents as well as natural remedies for healthier living.  

Now you can treat yourself without the guilt of taking in empty calories and more sodium than you need from the usual over-processed instant noodles nonsense. Now here’s an alternative.

Our meals aren’t packed to last because we keep the preservatives to a minimal and must be consumed within a year.  NomNom instant noodles can be prepared in minutes and tastes as good as any home-cooked meal.

It's also super convenient – bring our instant meals with you wherever you go. It comes in a microwaveable bowl with disposable cutlery. We want to do our part for the environment, so you can too. Our meals are packed in a 100% recyclable and biodegradable brown paper!

There are many ways to enjoy our instant meals. Cook it whichever way you want, be it soup based or stir-fried. You’re free to enjoy it the old-fashion way or add some fresh vegetables or meat for extra colour and crunch in your meal. Most of all, enjoy the pleasure our quick and tasty meals can bring!